Meet our Wolverettes

They are all specialists in pole dance, coaching and more, but more importantly they are family to us.

We are so proud to have them representing us! 

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Maria Alexandra Hernandez

Alexandra, a mum of two, apasionada de pole dance, is a talented pole athlete Alexa_1from Colombia. With her deep knowledge in sport science and passion in teaching, she is an expert in using intelligent strength and correct techniques that make learning fun and safe. 
Alexandra is a Master Trainer for the PoleMoves certification, training pole instructors in South America, a PT from International Sport Science Association (USA). Her passion and cool ideas about fitness exercises amazed us and we would like her to spread her fitness love through Okami Studios platform to a wider audience.

Colombia's Pole Sport National Championships 2014 - Elite Category Winner




Reni Sprenger

Reni - we do not need sun when she is around. This crazy Hungarian is warmer and brighter than sunshine. Addicted to aerial arts, pole dance and London. A former swimmer and springboard diver, now ninja warrior and finalist in various international pole championships. She started aerial acrobatics six years ago and fell in love with the mixture of tricks, artistry, sensuality and gracefulness in the movements. Reni is also expanding her knowledge in movement therapy.Renee pole
Though now based in Budapest, requests for her workshops in London are very high, as everyone who had a chance to be at one, loves her teaching style and devotion. Maybe, as a psychologist, she has her secret black magic to attract people? Whatever it is, we truly believe in her positivity and confidence, which have already inspired so many of us in same passion.

Pole Theatre Hungary Pro Classique 3rd place
IPSF - Pole Art Professional Division 2nd place




Qing Elodie

Qing is the source of our TEO leggings inspiration. Her pole journey started around 3 years ago and has since rapidly advanced to instructor level. She loves experimenting with different exercise techniques and make them fun. She also loves salsa and used to perform regularly and loves being on a stage.

Qing had entered national and international competitions and won various titles. Elodie_1This shows that with dedication and hard work, everything is achievable. Be ready to train hard if she's coaching, no excuses!

Heir to the Chrome 2016 - Advanced Category Winner
UK Professional Pole Championships 2016 – Instructor Category Runner-Up
Pole Theatre Greece 2017 – Pole Drama Semi Pro Winner